Project Milestones

No. Milestone Description: (List all major activities and outcomes of the project, including key knowledge sharing steps) Due Date
1 Workshop 1 (organised by PlusGroup, ZESPRI, Councils): Benchmark current awareness of growers to carbon storage and present and discuss the project ideas with growers 09/09
2 Design and test a robust methodology to quantify carbon storage in kiwifruit orchards 07/10
3 Survey  the carbon storage in different kiwifruit orchards and analyse the results (see Appendix) 06/12
3A Identify potential suitable growers 10/09
3B Preliminary survey growers soils 11/09
3C Collate and analyse preliminary soils survey results 01/10
3D Finalise selection of orchard sites 01/10
3E Undertake first round of BOP extensive soil testing 02/10
3F Analyse first round of BOP samples 07/10
3G Undertake second round of BOP extensive soil testing 08/10
3H Analyse second round of BOP samples 01/11
3I Design written survey format 07/10
3J Undertake written survey with growers 08/10
3K Undertake regional survey and sample collection 08/10
3l Analyse regional samples 01/11


Estimate the carbon footprints, costs and profits of a tray of kiwifruit of the surveyed orchards 06/11


Workshop 2 (organised by PlusGroup, ZESPRI, Councils): Present preliminary results and discuss pros and cons of carbon storage with growers 06/11


Quantify the drainage (water use efficiency) and nitrate loss from the main root zone for a few representative kiwifruit orchards (see Appendix) 06/12
7 Synthesize results and develop grower guidelines for economically and environmentally sustainable carbon storage in kiwifruit orchards 06/12
8 3 field days (organised by PlusGroup, ZESPRI, Councils): Disseminate and discuss guidelines on sustainable carbon storage in kiwifruit orchards in the BOP, Hawke’s Bay, and Nelson regions 06/12
9 Presentation (at least one technical seminar and scientific conference) and publications (Kiwifruit Journal, NZ KGI Newsletter, Organic NZ Magazine, New Zealand Orchardist, and one paper in an international journal) of results of the project. 06/12
10 Evaluate changes in industry awareness and understanding of carbon storage in the kiwifruit orchard system. 06/12
Final Report 36 mths
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