Carbon Storage in Kiwifruit orchards of New Zealand based on above - and below - ground biomass

Rahman H., Holmes A., Saunders S., Deurer M., Clothier B. and Mowat A.

1. Terrestrial carbon balance is influenced by soil, climate, vegetation and management.
2. Vegetative growth of kiwifruit vines in New Zealand is vigorous due to warm and moist climatic conditions.
3. The impact of kiwifruit production on greenhouse gas emissions was estimated in New Zealand with a life-cycle assessment based carbon footprint analysis using the PAS2050 framework.
4. This framework does not consider the soil or the kiwifruit vines as a source or sink of atmospheric CO2.

1. Measure carbon storage in above- and below-ground parts of kiwifruit grown using different management sys-tems.
2. Estimate the contribution of different variables to the total carbon pool in kiwifruit orchards.
3. Compare the spatial variability of carbon in kiwifruit soils.
4. Evaluate the possible benefits of different kiwifruit management practices on the carbon pool of kiwifruit... Download full article.

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